Poverty Affecting Education of Students

Students from low-income background are likely to resist education—for different reasons. Poverty is a painful word. People who are poor and middle class will have to face many hardships, for example: collection of food, clothing, housing and of course education. But, if poor people were just the same emotionally, socially, cognitively, and behaviorally same as those from the middle class, then exactly the same teaching could be provided to both middle-class students and poor students.

Factor that hinder out the education for poor.

1. Health and Nutrition

Poor children are less likely to get proper food, get proper diagnosis, if they fell ill they don’t get proper medical attention, or appropriate medications or interventions.

2. Terminology

The academic failure happens to poor students due to the conditions they are raised in; like poor vocabulary. They grow up in stumpy socioeconomic conditions, usually having a smaller vocabulary compared to middle-class children.

3. Endeavor

Sometimes teachers might think that poor children bend, sprawl, and show petite effort because they are raised in lazy atmosphere. Nevertheless research shows that parents from poor families work much hard from parents of middle- or upper-class families.

4. The Mind-Set and the hope

Hope is an influential thing. It is proved in a research, that inferior socioeconomic status is frequently associated with seeing the future as consisting of more negative events than positive ones. Secondly, the mind-set of poor students also plays a very important role. They should be raised with a get-going attitude, whatever may be the situation is.

The solution for the problem

At first, we have to question ourselves; who is responsible? The poor families? Our system? The kids? Somehow, everyone is responsible somewhere. There should be a system to provide some help to poor, and to assure them that they are equally eligible to study. There must be a helping hand for them. The need is of awakening. Awakening of government, awakening of common man, and awakening of poor people too.

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