Making effective notes of classroom lecture always helps

Making notes in a classroom is a major part of studying. Always make sure to take thorough and accurate notes. Additionally, taking notes and staying engaged in class will make you enthusiastic and active.

Note Taking in lectures

Points to remember while making the notes

  1. Always be prepared with relevant stationery whenever going for a lecture. For example, have a notebook especially for taking notes for a specified subject. Always keep extra set of pen, pencil, rubbers, notebook etc. It is suggested to take a file or folder where your notes can be easily organized. If allowed, you can record a lecture also.
  2. Always try to be a good listener. If you want to take efficient notes, you required to have outstanding listening skills and good judgment qualities. Be careful that nobody distracts you by their activities. It is always suggested for not carry cell phones, or if you carry them, then keep them switched off.
  3. You should adopt some method of taking notes. It will help you a lot. Keep your learning style in mind and start note making, working best for you. You may include some stationery for this, like using flash cards, notebooks, and even colored pens and pencils to categorize significant terms.
  4. Don’t hesitate to compare your notes with other students. Comparing acts as an effectual, nevertheless understanding strategy. Comparing your note making with others makes you to gain a viewpoint and see how other students study. But, always remember comparing doesn’t mean to copy. It may happen that your fellow being may have understood something wrong, so make sure not to copy. This will help you prepare better assignments.
  5. Editing, reviewing and organizing is always a good practice. As sometimes, notes become muddled and messy because you are trying to be in pace with the teacher during the lecture. So make sure to read once at the end of lecture.

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