How online classrooms are turning into a new option for traditional education

Internet has transformed how classes were conducted and education was imparted to students a decade ago. Now education has no boundaries. A student from a remote location can even get the privilege to study under the best teacher located 100 miles away from him.

Online classes are classes conducted using internet, where the teacher and the students from various location meet online on a pre-fixed time. There are many tools and apps which allow the teacher to share this screen, documents, images or use the monitor as blackboard to facilitate learning. Students can also ask question to the professor and get their doubts clarified.

Online classes are more convenient for both teacher and students. Students enrolling for higher education prefer online education over traditional classes. The study material is available 24*7 for the students and small tests are also conducted online. This has liberalised professional to keepĀ  themselves updated with new skills and acquire knowledge which will facilitate growth of their career.

Online education is being accepted as an indispensable tool at all levels of education. In schools, these are being used to add value to traditional class room teaching . Coaching institutes are fast adapting to online classes to widen their reach and reduce coaching fees. There is no need for students to travel after their school to a coaching institute to prepare for competitive exams. They can prepare for their exams under teachers who are qualifies and experienced at the comfort of their own house.

Thus, online classroom is becoming a new option for traditional education due to low cost of operation and ease to both student and teacher. Moreover, with online classes, students from various location, whether remote or developed, can learn under the best teacher of the subject.

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