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Smart Class Vs Traditional Teaching: Advantages & Disadvantages

The question, of which teaching method is better, small classes or traditional teaching, is always baffling. Traditional teaching methods are well tested and it is the ambience where most of us have grown in. But surely traditional teachings have some disadvantages as well. On the other hand, smart classes, and high tech and new. Still, they too have their own set of limitations.

This blog will provide you advantages and disadvantages about both teaching methods and even a comparison of both.

Advantages of Smart Classes

  1. Quick access to online resources
    The teacher can get quick access to online resources which they can use to ensure a better teaching.
  2. Making learning fun
    In a smart class, learning is always fun. The students enjoy the classes and do not feel sleepy or bored.
  3. Easy understanding
    With the use of multimedia, the teachers can easily make the students understand even the most complex topics.

Disadvantages of Smart Classes

  1. Technical Faults
    All the electronic devices are prone to technical faults, which may disrupt the classes.
  2. Maintenance
    The electronic gadgets and devices require maintenance, which can be time taking.
  3. Training
    The teachers need to be trained to use the gadgets and devices.
  4. Cost
    The technology which is used in smart classes is expensive.

Advantages of Traditional Classes

  1. Face to face interaction
    With traditional classes, the students get to interact with the teachers and peers face to face, which enhance the learning process.
  2. Interpersonal skill development
    In traditional classes, the students learn to express themselves in front of others and develop interpersonal skills!

Disadvantages of Traditional Classes

  1. Lack of flexibility
    The class timings are fixed and do not have any flexibility.
  2. Travel time
    In traditional learning, the students have to travel long distances to reach the school or college.

When you compare both smart classes and traditional classes, you will discover that they both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. For students who have just been exposed to traditional classes may find smart class learning difficult. Whereas, when you compare both on the basis of ease of learning, smart class gets the edge. There is no travel time involved. In the flexibility aspect as well, smart class is better. The students can learn at the time of their convenience. When compared on the basis of cost, both smart class and traditional class are costly. Smart classes need to spend money on electronic devices, whereas traditional classes need infrastructure to organize the classes!

Online Education versus Traditional Education

Our choice of education depends on our capacity to reason and circumstances in life, and it has a significant impact on our lifestyle and reasoning capacity.

Online education is the latest trend speeding along the information highway. Many have embraced it; some have taken the peril to dismiss it. Those who have dismissed it are already lagging behind in the race there is no other way to upgrade one’s skill in a faster way. In today’s world, where technology is constantly changing, one has to improve his skills on a regular basis to stay relevant.

Online education provides that opportunity to upgrade continuously one’s competencies in the luxury of your place and time. This form of learning is no doubt practical and cheaper than traditional classroom learning. Institutions offering online courses do not need buildings and related infrastructure whereby lowering the cost of the courses at affordable rates.  As it is relatively cheaper, more students opt for the courses. The economics of online education is the main reason it is preferred over traditional forms of classroom learning. It has a much larger reach as the student can join from anywhere in the world. No hectic commuting and wastage of quality time by getting stuck in traffic.

Online education is extremely popular for its high flexibility. One can schedule the course time as well as content according to one’s daily schedule. It is a boon for working individuals as they can upgrade their skills without leaving their job at their own preferred time. Online education gives them the flexibility to learn and study when they are most productive and attentive.  The flexibility of time duration of the program also offers an excellent option for the student. Students can take as long as they want to get their course work done and get certified.

Online education provides an opportunity to earn and learn simultaneously. One can continue earning with one’s job simultaneously gaining work experience. Skill up gradation with online education helps you in promotion and climbing the corporate ladder.

Online education offers the option of spending more time with the family.  Online students who are raising families can spend quality time with their families and balance work and family life easily. Parents are under unbelievable pressure these days, and online education is a big help indeed.

Online education is undoubtedly here to stay and is the future of education system.

How online classrooms are turning into a new option for traditional education

Internet has transformed how classes were conducted and education was imparted to students a decade ago. Now education has no boundaries. A student from a remote location can even get the privilege to study under the best teacher located 100 miles away from him.

Online classes are classes conducted using internet, where the teacher and the students from various location meet online on a pre-fixed time. There are many tools and apps which allow the teacher to share this screen, documents, images or use the monitor as blackboard to facilitate learning. Students can also ask question to the professor and get their doubts clarified.

Online classes are more convenient for both teacher and students. Students enrolling for higher education prefer online education over traditional classes. The study material is available 24*7 for the students and small tests are also conducted online. This has liberalised professional to keep  themselves updated with new skills and acquire knowledge which will facilitate growth of their career.

Online education is being accepted as an indispensable tool at all levels of education. In schools, these are being used to add value to traditional class room teaching . Coaching institutes are fast adapting to online classes to widen their reach and reduce coaching fees. There is no need for students to travel after their school to a coaching institute to prepare for competitive exams. They can prepare for their exams under teachers who are qualifies and experienced at the comfort of their own house.

Thus, online classroom is becoming a new option for traditional education due to low cost of operation and ease to both student and teacher. Moreover, with online classes, students from various location, whether remote or developed, can learn under the best teacher of the subject.

Why Video Lectures Are Helpful In Online Courses

Are you planning to develop online courses or are you considering developing lectures that can be taken along with you wherever you go? When used effectively, video lectures can be a highly effective way of teaching students, who have opted for your online courses. Here is why you should opt for video lectures in your online course.

Motivate your students

Video teaching or video lectures can be an extremely powerful method of teaching your students. In order to motivate your students to learn better, you should consider introducing video lectures in your online courses. Not only will they demonstrate the relevance of the topic in the lives of students, but they will also stimulate the students enough to begin a discussion on the topic that is being shown.

A realistic depiction of reality

When it is necessary to humanize a topic or to let your students see what they may not be able to visualize, video lectures come into the picture. It will also give your students a realistic picture of the actual situation being depicted by the teacher.

Complements the studies

When you video a face to face lecture, it will act as something that complements the studies of your students. For example in the Video Lectures for IIT JEE the students can revisit those points that they have been unable to understand properly by watching the video lectures. They can also catch up on missed lectures when they watch the video lectures on the internet. Moreover, it will be highly convenient for your students since they can watch these lectures at their own convenience and at any time.

Video lectures can improve the overall grades of your students when they watch them time and again. You should, therefore, include video lectures in your online lectures. This will help your students handle or manage IIT JEE Video Lectures more effectively

Poverty Affecting Education of Students

Students from low-income background are likely to resist education—for different reasons. Poverty is a painful word. People who are poor and middle class will have to face many hardships, for example: collection of food, clothing, housing and of course education. But, if poor people were just the same emotionally, socially, cognitively, and behaviorally same as those from the middle class, then exactly the same teaching could be provided to both middle-class students and poor students.

Factor that hinder out the education for poor.

1. Health and Nutrition

Poor children are less likely to get proper food, get proper diagnosis, if they fell ill they don’t get proper medical attention, or appropriate medications or interventions.

2. Terminology

The academic failure happens to poor students due to the conditions they are raised in; like poor vocabulary. They grow up in stumpy socioeconomic conditions, usually having a smaller vocabulary compared to middle-class children.

3. Endeavor

Sometimes teachers might think that poor children bend, sprawl, and show petite effort because they are raised in lazy atmosphere. Nevertheless research shows that parents from poor families work much hard from parents of middle- or upper-class families.

4. The Mind-Set and the hope

Hope is an influential thing. It is proved in a research, that inferior socioeconomic status is frequently associated with seeing the future as consisting of more negative events than positive ones. Secondly, the mind-set of poor students also plays a very important role. They should be raised with a get-going attitude, whatever may be the situation is.

The solution for the problem

At first, we have to question ourselves; who is responsible? The poor families? Our system? The kids? Somehow, everyone is responsible somewhere. There should be a system to provide some help to poor, and to assure them that they are equally eligible to study. There must be a helping hand for them. The need is of awakening. Awakening of government, awakening of common man, and awakening of poor people too.

Video graph your class notes

How many days will you keep scribbling the running notes or takes notes from your lecturer at the college? Even if you have taken some running notes you might get confused after some time as it might not have all the information. Sometimes you might forget what is taught at the class and what you have taken down. Although running notes is the important task for students, there should be an alternative where you can have all the information taught at the college. This is only possible only if the lecturer gives you some notes or else you have to be satisfied with running notes or other information from the text books.

Video graph your class notes

Utilizing the technology we can video graph the class and share it among the students so that they can have all the information. Although this is very efficient method of collecting notes, colleges must spend a few bucks on the infrastructure like cameras and other stuff. There are many advantages of video graphing the class. The same video can be passed on to the next batches if they seem that it is very useful. The video can be watched any number of time whenever required and students need not run to their friends. Unlike books which gets lost or damaged, video can be saved for longer periods. Even if you have not attended the class you can just go through the video and learn things.

Colleges can also develop the video graphing technique to introduce online classes. The same videos can be shared later. The video classes can also be made interactive using conference method if both lecturer and students really require it. But videoconference can be a bit costly. A small portion of the library can also be put aside for the videos saved in the form of CDs or stored on the system. So utilizing the new technology can be beneficial to the students.

Making effective notes of classroom lecture always helps

Making notes in a classroom is a major part of studying. Always make sure to take thorough and accurate notes. Additionally, taking notes and staying engaged in class will make you enthusiastic and active.

Note Taking in lectures

Points to remember while making the notes

  1. Always be prepared with relevant stationery whenever going for a lecture. For example, have a notebook especially for taking notes for a specified subject. Always keep extra set of pen, pencil, rubbers, notebook etc. It is suggested to take a file or folder where your notes can be easily organized. If allowed, you can record a lecture also.
  2. Always try to be a good listener. If you want to take efficient notes, you required to have outstanding listening skills and good judgment qualities. Be careful that nobody distracts you by their activities. It is always suggested for not carry cell phones, or if you carry them, then keep them switched off.
  3. You should adopt some method of taking notes. It will help you a lot. Keep your learning style in mind and start note making, working best for you. You may include some stationery for this, like using flash cards, notebooks, and even colored pens and pencils to categorize significant terms.
  4. Don’t hesitate to compare your notes with other students. Comparing acts as an effectual, nevertheless understanding strategy. Comparing your note making with others makes you to gain a viewpoint and see how other students study. But, always remember comparing doesn’t mean to copy. It may happen that your fellow being may have understood something wrong, so make sure not to copy. This will help you prepare better assignments.
  5. Editing, reviewing and organizing is always a good practice. As sometimes, notes become muddled and messy because you are trying to be in pace with the teacher during the lecture. So make sure to read once at the end of lecture.

Developing network by sharing knowledge

Have you ever thought of having one website which could share all the information related to education right from education, scholarships, classroom notes, old text books, etc. One such website could be helpful to every student saving much time and money. has become the new platform to share all this information helping the student community gain access to more resources and develop a stronger network among them. It also provides part time teaching opportunities for students apart from their studies and also helpful for poor students to gather free classroom notes. The website is accessible at free of cost and is very user friendly.

Techniques that Teachers Adopt for Facilitating Classroom Learning

Nowadays, teaching can be enlightening and fun at the same time. Teachers implement a wide variety of techniques to simplify classroom learning. One of these is organizing class debates for the students. Class debates help students interact with each other and compulsorily convert quiet students into extroverts.

These debates require deep research and are gripping to the core. They act as ways and means through which the students talk to each other, express their ideas and opinions and are able to better their grasps in the concerned subjects and text materials.

The views of the students are taken into consideration to reach suitable conclusions. All this makes for happy and contented students and leaves them more interested in academics. Yet another popular technique to help classroom learning is to tell the students to teach.

Each student is given a course material and told to revise it properly. Then, he or she is asked to teach the other students and interact with them. This makes the session very riveting to both the teacher and the students.

Students are also made to study and examine various case studies, drawings, graphs, pictures and videos based on their syllabus and asked to pen their views on them. Then, they are motivated to discuss the same with each other. This helps them with developing their learning and communication skills.

Education Portal for Academic Information

An education portal addresses a vital instructive challenge, which is to augment access to the data assets needed to enhance existing instructing, studying and exploring practices in instruction. It serves as a means to build an innovatively cognizant social order. Specifically, the Educational Portal is meant to do the following:

• Bridge the gap between learners, teachers, parents and organization, keeping in mind the end goal to expand aptitude and correspondence and to expedite collective work and research

• Enhance learners’ awareness for investigation of instructive assets accessible on the internet, and subsequently make chances for scholars to expand their potential

• Encourage further appropriation of Information Society goals inside the instructive society.

Towards achieving the above objectives, the Educational Portal provides to its users the following tools and services:

• Digital Library

Via the Digital Library, clients might pick up access to different instructive assets and additionally to data underlying essential and auxiliary education.

• Special interest mediums

Various online neighborhoods of unique interest could be created through the gateway’s forum amenities as a method for coordinated effort and correspondence around the entry clients. Clients can propose argument themes and take an interest in developing talks.

• Declarations board

This facility permits wide scattering of the most recent news and data on instructive subjects, and also access to the documents of every single past affirmation.

• Advanced inquiry facilities

Clients can utilize different tools to recover data in regards to all required content