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Studying in Canada

While there are many people who travel every year to the United Kingdom, United States and Australia for education, one of the places that opens new doors and offer exciting new opportunities is Canada. Canada has a diverse multicultural society and students learn a lot when they study there. It has a status for being a secure and friendly country for students. In this country, it is the provinces that have a constitutional responsibility for funding and imparting higher education. The colleges have a close relationship with the industrial and business sector. This helps them ensure that the courses offered by them cater to the changing needs of today’s workplace and the requirements of the employers. There are a wide range of technical and professional courses offered in the universities and colleges of this land. They include business courses, agricultural studies, social sciences, broadcasting and journalism, hospitality management, information technology, engineering, languages and arts.

There are more than eight thousand programs offered across the various colleges and universities. The credentials that students can vie for include certificates, academic degrees, applied degrees and post graduate diplomas. There are some courses that are short term in nature, while there are others that can go on for as long as four years. The best part about these courses is that the employment record of the graduates is pretty good. Most of them are able to obtain a job within months of completing their studies and their employers find their level of skill and knowledge adequate.

Students have a choice of ninety eight universities to choose from. On an average the strength of each university is roughly twenty five thousand students. There are on-campus residences available in many of the universities. This allows students from different parts of the country as well as from outside the country to study here. Tuition fees generally vary based on the program material and the course that the student has applied for. Every student has to acquire a certain minimum GPA or Grade Point Average in order to progress to the next level.

Some of the leading universities in the country are the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and McGill University in Montreal. International students need to apply for a study permit before they can come to the country. For getting a student visa they need to have the acceptance letter from the university with them before they begin the application process.

Medical Education in the United States

Medicine is a very diverse profession. There are many different branches of medicine. There are a lot of doctors who decide to specialize in a certain branch of medicine. One the other hand there are many doctors who simply choose to be general practitioners. The United States has got adequate training facilities for doctors irrespective of what branch of medicine they choose to specialize in.

Before applying for entry into a medical school it is essential for the candidate to complete three years of pre-med training at the university level. In this country the medical degrees are classified as second entry degrees, which is why the pre-med training is required as first step. The medical program is divided into two parts. The first part consists of taking the student through various instructional programs in the basic sciences. Once this has been completed the trainee is then rotated around various wards in a hospital so that he knows in-depth details regarding the functioning of each department in the hospital. The medical programs have a curriculum that lasts for up to four years. On the conclusion of the program, the scholar is classified as either a DO or an MD, depending on the school that he attended. DO stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, while MD stands for Doctor of Medicine. Both qualifications allow the graduate to practice medicine. Of course, the graduate has to complete his internship and his residency before he is allowed to treat patients’ fulltime. Many students also go on to do a fellowship. This is a formal full time program that goes beyond what has been taught in the residency. This manner of training is required for doctors who wish to train in a specialized field like cardiology and oncology.

Entry into a medical school is very competitive and the candidate has to acquire excellent scores in the MCAT exam, get letters of recommendation and write application essays. If the student has done some kind of volunteer work and has participated in community health programs, he will stand a much better chance of getting admission. Each medical school has his own method of grading. Most of them have a simple system where they tell the student if he has passed or failed. In most medical schools the student is given a Medical School Performance Evaluation during the end of the program, which is written by the dean and describes in detail the performance of the student.

MBA Colleges in Canada

These days it has become essential to get a Masters in Business Administration. It paves the way for a good career and a comfortable and wealthy life. It is for this reason that many students seek out a good college where they can enroll in a first-rate program. One of the colleges that offer such kinds of programs is the Richard Ivey School of Business. It is located in the city of London in the province of Ontario. The college also has executive teaching facilities in Toronto and Hong Kong. Students can do a full time degree program, a full time honors in business administration, a PhD in business administration and an executive development program.

The Schulich School of Business is based in Toronto where it has two campuses. One is based on the premises of York University while the other is based in the heart of the financial district. It has partnered with Kellogg to offer an executive MBA program. It operates satellite centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, Seoul and Moscow. It offers under graduate, graduate and post graduate degrees. Its alumni have gone on to get jobs in more than ninety countries around the world.

McGill University is well known throughout the world. Its Faculty of Management churns out thousands of graduates every year who go on to find employment in the corporate sector. Besides the Bachelor of Commerce and the MBA degree, the institute also offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Management. It even offers a joint MD and MBA program in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine and a joint Law and MBA program with the Faculty of Law. It provides its students the opportunity to study abroad through student exchange programs with leading academic institutions in the United States, Hong Kong and France.

The Sauder School of Business is located in Vancouver in the province of British Columbia. An interesting thing about its full time MBA program is that two thirds of its students come from outside Canada. Many of the students who join this MBA program have several years of work experience behind them. The Queens School of Business is located in Kingston in Ontario. Many of its students study for a year in another country by availing of the student exchange programs. The institution offers an accelerated business program that can be finished in just twelve months by those who possess an undergraduate degree in business.

High School Education in the United States

In the United States, high school generally refers to the last six or seven years of formal education. Grade six or grade seven that a student generally enters around the ages of eleven or twelve is referred to as junior high school. The senior high school starts at grade nine and continues to grade twelve. Of course, this is just a rough guide and different states have their own classification of what constitutes junior high school and senior high school.

Life in high school starts with the student enrolling in different classes. Some of the subjects that they have to take are compulsory for all students. These are courses in English, social studies, science, history and mathematics. Then there are the electives. The choice of electives is left up to the student and the interest and the aptitude that he has for each subject. Learning a foreign language is very popular with high school students. There are numerous students in the United States who hope to see the world and experience a foreign culture. For them learning a foreign language is the first step in this endeavor. There are other students who take advanced math classes. These are usually those students who wish to make a career in business, economics or some technology related field.

It is in the elective courses that most students are really able to show their creativity. Some people join the visual arts classes like painting, photography and sculpture. There are others who take drama classes or join a choir. High school also provides students with the opportunity to join various associations like the glee club or the chess club. Joining these extracurricular activities often helps students to get into a good college later on in their academic life. Many states have made it mandatory for the schools to offer a health course that covers nutrition and first aid. It is common in Christian schools for the students to have to clear a theology course before they can graduate.

There are many schools that have special honors classes for gifted students. The quality of education in these classes is a lot higher than that offered in normal classes. There are many schools that offer Advanced Placement or AP and International Baccalaureate or IB programs to high performing students. These programs are considered to be the equivalent of freshman college courses. Students who clear these programs are given extra credits that allow them to graduate early.

Getting into Harvard

It is the dream of millions of students around the world to get into Harvard. It is after all one of the most prestigious universities in not just the United States, but the whole world. But an entry into its revered halls is easier said than done. Many students try, but only a few get through its demanding admission process. So what does it take to get into Harvard?

The first and most basic requirement is to maintain an excellent record throughout the academic life. Most students who apply for admission to this prestigious institution have a near perfect grade point average. They always finish top of their class. This tells the interviewers that the student has it in him to keep up with the rigors of academic life in this Ivy League institution. It is also essential for the student to do well in all the subjects that he has taken in school. It simply will not do for him to be good at one subject and bad at another. The student will have to demonstrate that he has all round scholastic ability.

The interviewers pay close attention to the SAT, ACT and AP examinations. Good marks in these assessments tells the university that the student is hard working and has what it takes to crack competitive examinations. There are many schools that do not offer various types of AP tests. It does not matter. The admission officers understand this. It is important for the student to do well in whatever assessments the high school offers. It is essential to note that the university is not just looking at academic grades to judge the candidates. They also keep a close eye on how active he or she has been when it comes to extracurricular work.

It is essential for the student to get actively involved in some club or the other in school and try and excel in them. It is also necessary to note that standing out in two or three clubs is a lot better than joining five or six clubs just for the sake of showing them on the record. The university does not appreciate mediocrity. The admission officers like candidates who are masters in their field not students who are a jack of all trades. But despite an exceptional record it is important to remember that it still takes a lot of luck to get into this prestigious university.

Advanced Placement Program for students

The Advanced Placement program was started by the United States College Board. Its aim was to offer college level curriculum and examinations to students who did exceptionally well in high school and got very high scores in their assessments. A group consisting of the leading educators and experts on a subject design the course material for that particular subject. The examinations are graded on a scale of one to five. Once the examinations are given by the student it often takes a long time for the evaluation to be done. This is because the grading procedure is quite a complicated one. The multiple choice questions are evaluated by computers, which is done fairly quickly. On the other hand the essay questions are read by trained educators. This reading is done in June. The scores are assigned weights. Once this process is complete a cutoff percentage is assigned for each subject.

Many colleges use the results of this assessment to decide if they want to exempt a student from introductory coursework or not. The scores of this assessment are even used by colleges to decide if they want to award scholarships to a student or not. In fact, the scores are considered by Harvard admission officers when they are evaluating students for admission. Appearing for this examination is quite expensive and costs quite a bit of money. But many states have come to the realization that this could cause a problem for students who were bright and intelligent, but came from humble backgrounds. That is why many state boards have now decided to offer subsidies on this examination for poor students. School districts in Florida are reimbursed by the state government for the cost of the examination for students who have joined these courses. The same is also true for other states like Hawaii, Indiana and California.

The examinations are held in the month of May. There is no set passing mark for the students as such, but rather a comparison is made between the scores achieved the previous year and other factors like the performance of university students for those same subjects and the performance of all the candidates in general. This assessment has helped many bright students get ahead much faster in academic life. It has also helped the education system identify exceptionally brilliant and talented students.